The quality standards adopted for our multi-family buildings and top class hotels have led them to become landmarks and recognized iconic properties in the city. Our efficiency in construction and quality finishing details, together with the meeting of deadlines and the technical and economic solutions provided, have resulted in us becoming leaders in this category.


We combine speed of execution with carefully controlled quality, so that tasks are performed correctly, once only, avoiding risks as well as committing to a process of continuous improvement.


In certain specific instances, when the demands of the project call for it, special instructions are drawn up so as to meet contractual requirements, establishing a quality plan based on the particular features of the job.

Regular internal and external audits help confirm that the Unified Management System is being developed according to planned guidelines.


Cost Quality Ratio

All sectors of the company coordinate so as to maintain and improve quality of service at highly competitive prices. Using state-of-the-art technology we carry out actions to optimise resources and materials required for each of our projects, achieving effective technical and economic solutions.